Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to broadcast message using OCS (Solved)

Broadcast your message in OCS

OCS supports command line application which will broadcasting messages to all users who were logged into OCS infrastructure . Sometimes administrator needs to warn users about upcoming outage or any incident throughout the organization and this is an easiest way of doing it. The user who needs to sends the broadcast should  be a member of RTCUniversalServerAdmins group and preferably the admin user should logged  into any of the FE server for better performance.

Step 1.
Login into any of the FE server and search for lcscmd.exe on it. It will be in the installation folder of Office communications software, or else you will get it in the installation CD of OCS server.

Step 2.
Open command prompt and change the directory where you have located lcscmd.exe
For me it is
C:\Users\administrator.UST\Desktop\OCS 2007 R2 X64 Ent Edition Server\2007R2\64BIT\Setup\amd64>  
Because I have a copy of the installation files in my desktop

Step 3.
Type the below command and hit enter
LCScmd /Server /Action:BroadcastMessage /Role:SE Message:"Type here your message"
/Role:SE indicates it is for Standard edition installation and replace with /Role:EE for enterprise users.

Note: in my EE installation I even run /Role:SE without any issue (so seems this change is optional)

Done !!!!!! :)
All users who logged in will get the message from .
The output of the command clearly denotes whether the command run successfully,how many users received this message, how many failed and also a log file will also generate on the %temp% folder which will completely describe the command execution flow including the error logs

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