Monday, March 5, 2012

Desktop Share Icon not in OCS and Lync client (Solved)

desktop sharing icon  not in MOC
Desktop share option is not in OCS
I was installing  OCS and Lync in the same domain for testing purpose. After installing the complete infrastructure I realized that “Desktop Sharing “option was not available on both OCS and Lync clients. It was disappeared in the client window L . After googling for some time I realized that it is because “Global policy “was not configured yet on both OCS and Lync
Enable Desktop share in OCS
To enable this open OCS R2 administration console, select Global Properties, Meetings tab, locate Default Policy (under Policy Definition) and click Edit.  Check “Enable Program and Desktop Sharing” and “Allow control of shared programs and desktop”
For anonymous desktop sharing use, select “Allow users to invite anonymous participants” within the OCS global properties
Enable Desktop share in Lync
Open “Lync server Control panel” and select “Conferencing “in the left side pane. Edit “Global” settings. And select “enable Application sharing “ and Enable Application sharing and Desktop “
After these settings preferably do a service restart which will enable “Desktop Share” window in the clients communicator client

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