Friday, December 14, 2012

Lync Conferencing Announcement management With Powershell

Lync Conferencing Announcement management With Powershell

As mentioned in the Technet article below o
the output of the
Get-CsDialinConferencingConfiguration command is

Identity                                                           : Global
EntryExitAnnouncementsType             : ToneOnly
EnableNameRecording                             : True
EntryExitAnnouncementsEnabledByDefault : False

EnableNameRecording   :Determines whether anonymous participants are asked to record their name before entering the conference. The default value is "$true," which means that anonymous participants are prompted to state their name when joining a conference. (Authenticated participants do not record their name because their display name is used instead.)

EntryExitAnnouncementsEnabledByDefault  : Indicates whether announcements are turned on or off by default. The default value is "$false," which means that by default there are no announcements when participants join or leave a conference. The meeting organizer can override this setting when scheduling a meeting.

EntryExitAnnouncementsType  : Indicates the action taken whenever a participant joins or leaves a conference for which announcements are enabled. The default value is "UseNames," which means there is an announcement similar to the following: "Ken Myer has joined the conference" when announcements are turned on.

Set-CsDialInConferencingConfiguration -EnableNameRecording $True -EntryExitAnnouncementsType "ToneOnly"
The only other option is "UseName" here the entry/exit announcement will be with the user name

Get-CsDialInConferencingConfiguration -Filter "site:*" | Set-CsDialInConferencingConfiguration -EnableNameRecording $True
There we can put the different site name by replacing the * accordingly.

Get-CsDialInConferencingConfiguration | Set-CsDialInConferencingConfiguration -EntryExitAnnouncementsEnabledByDefault $false

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