Friday, February 18, 2011


GPO - Group Policy Object - Refers to the policy that is configured at the Active Directory level and is inherited by the domain member computers. You can configure a GPO – Group Policy Object - at the site level, domain level or OU level.
GPC – Group Policy Container:
This is the AD portion of group policy .The containers can be viewable using ADSI edit . It stores version information, status information, and other policy information. When you create a new GPO, an AD object of class groupPolicyContainer gets created under the System\Policies container within your AD domain
GPT - Group Policy Templates: The GPT is used for file-based data and stores software policy script, and deployment information. The GPT is located on the system volume folder of the domain controller. A GPO can be associated with one or more Active Directory containers such as a site, domain, or organizational.

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