Friday, February 18, 2011

Group policy -Points

  • Group Policies can be applied at multiple levels  Sites->domains-> organizational Units.To stop or control this flow we can use two options as below
  •  No Override - This prevents child containers from overriding policies set at higher levels
  • Block Inheritance - Stops containers inheriting policies from parent containers
  • No Override takes precedence over Block Inheritance so if a child container has Block Inheritance set but on the parent a group policy has No Override set then it will get applied. Also the highest No Override takes precedence over lower No Override's set.
  • There are two default GPOs in every Active Directory domain:
    • Default Domain Policy
    • Default Domain Controllers Policy
    • You change the group policies, and now the computer and user settings are in conflict. Which one has the highest priority?
  • Ans:The computer settings take priority.

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