Friday, February 18, 2011

Important tools in Active Directory

Adsiedit.msc: Used to add, move and delete objects; and to change or delete object attributes.
Dcdiag.exe: Used to determine the state of domain controllers in the forest/enterprise.
Netdom.exe: Can be used to manage domains and trust relationships.
Repadmin.exe: Used to monitor, diagnose, and manage replication issues.
Esentutil.exe: This is to repair ntds.dit file which is the database of AD
Netdom : This is used to rename a domain controller,remove a member server/computer from domain ,And netdom query is to view details of computers in an OU etc

Replmon.exe: Used to monitor and manage replication through a graphical user interface (GUI).
Ntdsutil :
·         To manage FSMO roles like listing the FSMO Holders,Transfering and seiezing FSMO roles
·         Doing metadata cleanup
·         To reset Directory service restore password

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